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For instructions on using deltaisos, see

The directory you are currently in corresponds to newiso. The next directory
(starting with "From_") corresponds to oldiso.

Generally, each set of deltaisos contains one large DVD->DVD deltaiso from the
old DVD to the new DVD, and much smaller ones from the new DVD to each of the
other new install discs (netinst, plus CDs for F14 and below).

MD5 checksum files are included in each directory. These are only intended to
allow a quick integrity check of the deltaisos (either prior to running
applydeltaiso, or afterwards if there is a problem rebuilding the full ISOs),
NOT as a substitute for verifying the ISOs themselves (see below). The
recommended procedure is:

1) Download the deltaiso(s) using a robust tool such as curl or wget (a browser
may not be able to properly resume an interrupted download).

2) Optionally, check the download using the MD5 checksum file.

3) Run applydeltaiso to rebuild the new ISO. Then to prove that the ISO is
trustworthy, it should be checked against the official ISO checksum files. When
signed ISO checksum files are available (namely, for Alpha/Beta/Final), they
are included in the same directory as the deltaisos. For the TCs/RCs, the
official (but unsigned) checksum file for each ISO is available in the same
directory as the full ISO (as long as these are still posted). If there is a
problem rebuilding the new ISO, and the deltaiso's MD5 checksum was not
verified before, then do that now.

3) In the unlikely event the deltaiso was corrupted during download, the rsync
server on can be used to fix it as follows. For example,
suppose there is a corrupted version of Fedora-16-Alpha.TC1_TC2-x86_64-DVD.diso
in the current directory. Then run

rsync -avzP .

(note the . at the end) to repair it. Please do not use rsync except for this
purpose, since it puts a significant load on the server. In any case, unlike
with full ISOs, there is no commonality between different deltaisos, so running
rsync on one deltaiso to convert it into another wouldn't speed up the
download anyway.